10 Best Things to Do at Big Bend National Park

Things to Do at Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park, a beautiful desert paradise on the border between Mexico and Texas, beckons adventurous travelers to discover its immense vistas, craggy canyons, and abundant wildlife. A weekend trip to Big Bend will transport you to the remote Chihuahuan Desert, where the untamed splendor of nature will be front and center.

Things to Do at Big Bend National Park

Discover the natural beauty in the desert located in Big Bend National Park with the things to do in the Big Bend National Park guide.

1. Chisos Mountains

Start your adventure by traveling into the Chisos Mountains, a surprising place in the middle of the desert. Trails such as Emory Peak and Lost Mine provide stunning vistas of the Chihuahuan Desert as you hike through them. Amidst the dry terrain, the Chisos Basin offers a cool and lofty refuge.

Things to Do at Big Bend National Park
Chisos Mountains

2. Santa Elena Canyon

Visit Santa Elena Canyon, a breathtaking gorge cut into the old limestone by the Rio Grande. Take in the breathtaking scenery as you hike along the riverbank path that leads up to the canyon walls.

Santa Elena Canyon: Things to do
Santa Elena Canyon

The park’s different ecosystems are on full display in the stark contrast between the park’s desert landscape and its verdant riverbanks.

3. Boquillas Canyon

Boquillas Canyon is a natural wonder that takes your breath away with its rough beauty. It is in Big Bend National Park. It has steep rocks and peaceful views of the river. Its walks let you see some of the area’s many kinds of plants and animals.

Boquillas Canyon

A short boat ride to the Mexican town of Boquillas del Carmen is another way for tourists to experience the unique culture of the border. If you love nature and want to experience a different culture, you have to go to Boquillas Canyon in Big Bend National Park.

Big Bend National Park Attractions

4. Relax in the Big Bend Hot Springs

Visit Big Bend Hot Springs to relax in the soothing arms of nature. These natural hot springs are a relaxing retreat nestled near the Rio Grande.

Big Bend Hot Springs: Big Bend National Park Attractions
Big Bend Hot Springs

Imagine yourself in the middle of nowhere as you relax in the mineral-rich waters and take in the vast desert scenery and twinkling stars.

5. Terlingua Ghost Town

Visit the Terlingua Ghost Town to learn about the area’s mining past and take a trip down memory lane. Explore the dilapidated buildings, pay your respects at the old cemetery, and feel the spirit of the Wild West as you wander. The varied assortment of goods and souvenirs sold by the Terlingua Trading Company offers a window into the town’s history.

6. Big Bend Overlook

Driving along Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive will get you to the Big Bend Overlook, which is an impressive location. Gaze in awe at the expansive desert terrain as you take in sweeping vistas of the Santa Elena Canyon, the Chisos Mountains, and the Rio Grande meandering through the valley.

Terlingua Ghost Town
Terlingua Ghost Town

As the sun sets from this vantage point, the desert is transformed into a mesmerizing display of crimson and gold.

7. Big Bend Ranch State Park

Visit Big Bend Ranch State Park, which is nearby, to prolong your adventure. Adventurers can go mountain riding, stargazing, and hiking in this expansive wilderness.

Big Bend Ranch State Park

The state park gives visitors a real taste of the desert with its solitary splendor and untamed landscape.

8. Rio Grande Village Nature Trail

Hear the gentle flow of the Rio Grande River as you stroll over the dry terrain of the Rio Grande Village Nature Trail. Soak up the peaceful atmosphere of the riverbank location while keeping an eye out for birds and other wildlife. Enjoy some quiet in the park by hiking this trail.

9. Stargazing

One of the best places to go stargazing is Big Bend National Park, which is famous for its dark skies. Take a cosmic adventure by attending ranger-led programs or visiting approved stargazing places like the Chisos Basin. The starry sky is like a cosmic symphony when it’s free of light pollution.

10. Mariscal Mine

The Mariscal Mine was an abandoned mercury mine that offers a look into the mining history of the area. You can explore its relics. Views from the old and picturesque mining site complement the persistence of desert plant life on the climb to the site.


Impressive desert scenery, a variety of ecosystems, and the opportunity for quiet reflection make Big Bend National Park an irresistible destination. Enjoy canyon hikes, relax in hot springs, and gaze at the stars beneath the expansive desert sky on a weekend getaway to Big Bend National Park. Let the desert reveal its mysteries as you immerse yourself in nature.

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