10 Best Things to Do in Winona, Minnesota

10 Best Things to Do in Winona, Minnesota

The city of Winona, Minnesota, is located on the banks of the Mississippi River and has a lot to offer both tourists and current residents. Getaway to Winona if you love nature, history, or just want to rest. There are things to do in Winona for everyone, whether you like art, nature, fun indoor activities, or the food scene.

Read this article to learn about some of the weekend getaways and things to do in Winona.

1. Explore Lake Park

Lake Park in Winona, Minnesota is a great place to explore if you love nature and want to get away from it all. The park at Lake Park, which is on the shores of Lake Winona, has a beautiful setting and many fun things to do.

Lake Park:Things to Do in Winona
Lake Park, Winona, Mn

Many annual community festivals and events take place at Lake Park. Before you go, look at the local event calendar to see if there are any big happenings that you should attend.

2. Visit Garvin Heights Overlook

When you go to Winona, Minnesota’s Garvin Heights Overlook, you’ll be amazed by the views of the city, the Mississippi River, and the nearby countryside.

10 Best Things to Do in Winona, Minnesota

The overlook is situated atop Garvin Heights, and there is a road leading to the summit. Once you reach the parking area, you can either park and walk to the overlook or enjoy the view from the comfort of your vehicle.

Keep in mind that weather conditions can impact visibility. On clear days, you’ll have unobstructed views, but on foggy or rainy days, the landscape may be shrouded. Check the weather forecast before planning your visit.

3. Attend the Great River Shakespeare Festival

If you enjoy the performing arts, you should definitely check out the Great River Shakespeare Festival in Winona, Minnesota. An unforgettable and all-encompassing experience surrounds visitors at this festival honoring the enduring works of William Shakespeare.

Attend the Great River Shakespeare Festival
Attend the Great River Shakespeare Festival

To learn which Shakespearean plays will be staged at the festival when you go, look at the schedule. To provide a varied and interesting theatrical experience, the festival usually presents a number of plays, including both famous classics and lesser-known plays.

4. Take a Winona Trolley Tour

The Winona Trolley Tour is an entertaining and informative way to see the city’s famous landmarks and learn about its fascinating past. Travel through the stunning streets of Winona in luxury and learn everything about it on one of the guided tours.

Take a Winona Trolley Tour
Take a Winona Trolley Tour

Itineraries on some of Winona’s trolley tours are themed, allowing visitors to learn about the city’s history and culture in more depth. Some examples are tours focused on the city’s creative history, tours with a Halloween theme, or tours with a Christmas theme.

For family outings, friend gatherings, and corporate events, trolley tours are popular. Shared experiences boost trip enjoyment.

5. Hike at John A. Latsch State Park

If you’re looking for a truly outdoor adventure in Winona, Minnesota, hiking in John A. Latsch State Park is the way to go. Located on the banks of the Mississippi River, this state park is a great place to go trekking along paths that go through verdant woodlands, where you can see beautiful scenery and maybe even see some wildlife.

Hike at John A. Latsch State Park
Hike at John A. Latsch State Park

Start your hike at one of the designated trailheads. The park typically provides trail maps and information at the trailheads, helping you plan your route and navigate the trails effectively. Find out if there are any walks or programs run by park rangers that you may join.

6. Kayak or Canoe on the Mississippi River

Kayaking or canoeing on the Mississippi River near Winona, Minnesota, is a fun and beautiful way to see the stunning river.

Before you go out, make sure the river is in good shape. Keep an eye on the water level, the flow rate, and any dangers. Always put your safety first and go to a river segment that is suitable for your ability level.

Kayak or Canoe on the Mississippi River
Kayak or Canoe on the Mississippi River

Include things like snacks, drinks, sunscreen, and a bag to keep valuables dry. Think about the possibility of becoming wet or splashed when dressing for the weather.

7. Try Local Cuisine

Discovering the regional specialties of Winona, Minnesota, is like taking a fascinating culinary adventure. Winona has a cuisine culture that is diversified, with everything from typical Midwest meals to distinctive local specialties.

Try Local Cuisine
Try Local Cuisine

Prior to your visit, find out if there are any food festivals or other activities taking place. This is a great chance to try a wide range of regional delicacies at one convenient location at these events.

8. Take a Bike Ride on the Root River State Trail

Biking along the Root River State Trail near Winona is a great way to see the beautiful scenery in southeast Minnesota. A popular hiking route, the Root River State Trail follows the attractive Root River as it passes through beautiful towns and green farms.

Things to Do in Winona, Minnesota
Bike Ride on the Root River State Trail

If you don’t have your own bike, check for local bike rental shops near the trail. Many outfitters provide bike rentals, including options for various types of bikes, such as cruisers or hybrids.

The Root River State Trail may be the site of seasonal festivals and other special events. If you want to make sure that your bike ride doesn’t conflict with any events in your area, look at the calendar.

9. Explore Lake Park

Anyone looking for a peaceful getaway or a love of nature will have a wonderful time exploring Lake Park in Winona, Minnesota. There is a wide variety of fun things to do in Lake Park, which is situated on the banks of Lake Winona.

Lake Park
Lake Park

You can find a quiet environment that is perfect for meditation and relaxation at Lake Park. Get away from it all in a peaceful place, maybe at the water’s edge, and just be. Let yourself be fully present in nature.

10. Take a Riverboat Cruise

It is a beautiful and enjoyable experience to set sail on a riverboat down the Mississippi River from Winona, Minnesota. The leisurely pace of the trip is perfect for unwinding, taking in the beautiful scenery, and learning about the rich history and culture of the area.

10 Best Things to Do in Winona, Minnesota
Riverboat Cruise, Winona, Mn

Cruises aboard riverboats typically provide a variety of itineraries, including sightseeing tours, lunch/dinner cruises, and specialty excursions. Pick a cruise that works for you in terms of time and interests.

Many people enjoy taking riverboat cruises, particularly during the most popular times of the year. The best way to guarantee your spot and check availability is to book your vacation in advance. You can do this by going online or calling the cruise line.

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