Weekend Getaways in Duluth and Things to Do (2024 Guide)

Weekend Getaways in Duluth and Things to Do

Duluth weekend getaways and things to do change with the seasons. Nature is in bloom in the spring, which is a great time to do things outside. Summer draws people in with its warm weather, fun activities by the lake, and lively events. For lovely drives in the fall, the leaves are especially beautiful. In the winter, the land turns into a magical, snowy place that is great for winter sports. Each season has its own beauty, making it suitable for a range of tastes.

These are some of the weekend getaways in Duluth and things that you can do during the summer, fall, winter, and spring seasons.

Summer Things to Do in Duluth

Summer draws people in with its warm weather, fun activities by the lake, and lively events. These are some of the Duluth attractions and things to do in the summer.

1. Visit the Canal Park

Canal Park is not only a place to eat and shop, but it’s also a place to have fun and learn about other cultures. There are live music events, festivals, and street shows in the area, which will make your trip even more exciting. Check the event schedule to see if any celebrations happen during your stay. This will help you enjoy your time in this exciting and active waterfront area even more.

Canal Park: Weekend Getaways in Duluth
Canal Park

Canal Park’s shops, bars, and beautiful views along Lake Superior’s shore make it a great place to relax, learn about other cultures, or do a bit of both.

Visitors to Canal Park can also watch the Aerial Lift Bridge, a horizontal roadway that can be raised vertically to accommodate large vessels. Visitors can witness this impressive engineering feat as the bridge’s center span is lifted, creating a dramatic and picturesque scene against the backdrop of Lake Superior.

2. Duluth Harbor Cruise

Visitors are able to enjoy the stunning beauty and maritime history of Duluth’s harbor on Lake Superior by taking a Duluth Harbor Cruise, which provides an experience that is both intriguing and immersive.

Duluth Harbor Cruise: Things to do in Duluth
Duluth Harbor Cruise

Expert guides explain Duluth’s maritime history as you sail across the port. Discover the port’s history, the shipping sector, and its crucial role in the region’s economic development.

3. Park Point Beach

Park Point Beach is a well-liked and charming location in Duluth, Minnesota. This beach, which is located on Park Point, a slender sandbar dividing Lake Superior from the Duluth-Superior Harbor, offers a variety of recreational opportunities as well as stunning views.

Park Point Beach: Weekend Getaways in Duluth
Park Point Beach

Park Point Beach offers a variety of events and activities, depending on the season. If there are any festivals, beach clean-ups, or community events coming up during your stay, keep an eye on the local calendars.

4. Bayfront Festival Park

Tons of outdoor concerts and festivals bring Duluth’s lively music culture to life in the summertime. Invitingly situated on the shores of Lake Superior, Bayfront Festival Park hosts a variety of events and live musical acts.

Bayfront Festival Park: Weekend Getaways in Duluth
Bayfront Festival Park

Many different kinds of events, such as festivals, cultural celebrations, and live music concerts, take place at Bayfront Festival Park. Check out the local calendar for outdoor concerts and activities at Bayfront Festival Park during the summer.

5. Duluth Farmers’ Market

The Duluth Farmers’ Market is a lively and crowded place that offers a wide range of regional specialties, arts, and crafts, as well as artisanal goods.

Duluth Farmers' Market
Duluth Farmers’ Market

The market is a great place to find fresh food that was grown nearby. Visitors can look at a wide range of seasonal goods, such as herbs, flowers, crisp veggies, and juicy fruits.

The things sold at the market change with the seasons, just like farming does naturally. If you go during certain times of the year, you might find lots of fresh berries in the summer, pumpkins and apples in the fall, or hearty root veggies in the winter.

Fall Things to Do in Duluth

During the fall in duluth, the leaves are very beautiful. These are some of the weekend getaways in Duluth and things to do during the fall season.

6. Visit Enger Park and Tower

The Enger Park and Tower on top of Enger Hill in Duluth, Minnesota, are a great place to get away from it all for people who love nature and people who love cities. The memorial tower, which was built in 1939, has a wide view of Duluth, Lake Superior, and the fall leaves in the area.

Enger Park and Tower
Enger Park and Tower

Walking through the trees with a beautiful display of fall colors, making it a great place to look at leaves. The natural beauty, cultural importance, and amazing views at this historical and attractive spot make for a memorable trip.

7. Gooseberry Falls State Park

Gooseberry Falls State Park on Minnesota’s North Shore is a beautiful place to visit. The park is famous for its beautiful waterfalls, and there are beautiful climbing trails that lead to views of the Lower, Middle, and Upper Falls. Enjoy the beauty of autumn as the leaves change color, making for a great fall vacation.

Gooseberry Falls State Park: Weekend Getaways in Duluth
Gooseberry Falls State Park

Camping grounds in Gooseberry Falls State Park offer a full outdoor experience that encourages people to get in touch with nature. Gooseberry Falls State Park is a great place to get away and relax. It has a beautiful nature and lots of fun things to do outside.

Things to do in Duluth During Spring

These are some of the weekend getaways in Duluth and things to do during the spring season.

8. Great Lakes Aquarium

Explore the amazing world that lies below the water at the Great Lakes Aquarium in Duluth. This is a must-see place that comes to life in the spring. Explore immersive displays and interactive exhibits that show off the area’s various marine life. Every part of the aquarium is a different way to learn, from the complex freshwater habitats to the interesting marine ecosystems.

Great Lakes Aquarium
Great Lakes Aquarium

Dive into the beauty of spring at this waterfront location, where the return of nature adds to the fun and educational trip through underwater treasures.

Winter Things to do in Duluth

The land becomes a beautiful, snowy place in the winter, perfect for winter sports. In the winter, these are some weekend trips and things you can do in Duluth.

9. Visit Spirit Mountain

Spirit Mountain in Duluth is a magical place to visit in the winter. This snowy playground has exciting skiing, snowboarding, and tubing rides with Lake Superior in the background. With groomed slopes for skiers and snowboarders of all types, it’s great for both new and experienced snow lovers.

Spirit Mountain: Winter Getaway Location
Spirit Mountain

Family fun in the winter can be found at the sledding park. Spirit Mountain turns into a beautiful winter wonderland when it snows, inviting people to enjoy the season’s charm and make memories that will last a lifetime in the middle of Duluth.

10. Glensheen Mansion Tours

Glensheen Mansion Tours in Duluth will take you on a trip through time. This luxurious estate from the 20th century sits on the shores of Lake Superior and welcomes tourists to explore its grandeur. On guided trips, you can learn about the history of the Congdon family and the beauty of the mansion’s architecture.

Glensheen Mansion Tours
Glensheen Mansion Tours

With winter lights up, it turns into a fun place to be during the holidays. Find out about the stories that are hidden within its historic walls.

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